CD won't read contents -- Follow-up -- Solved!

Benjamin Sher delphi123 at
Mon Jun 27 21:25:53 UTC 2005


>So my only question is: why does the DVD player drive show the contents of  a DVD movie in File Manager but not the contents of a CD? Is there a major difference between the file system of a CD and a DVD? 
> The  process of pulling the music off a music CD into a file
>is called rip'ing.  There are an assortment of programs for both
>Linux and windows which will convert the music CD into a set of
>.WAV files.  You can then convert them to .oog or .mp3 format
>to make them more manageable.
Dear Robert:

So you mean the DVD uses the mpeg file system while the music CD has no 
real file system. And that is why its contents show up in File Manager?

Thank you.


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