Problems With Intel SRCU31L Raid Controller Card & FC3

Eduardo J. Vega A edvega at
Wed Jun 29 18:06:13 UTC 2005

Hello guys,,, I'm trying to install on a server with Fc3, but the RAID
Controller Card it's an Intel SRCU31L and it seems that the Driver Module
for that Card had being removed from the SuSE Kernel to "save" space.... so
the FC3 installer didn't detect any Disk at the RAID controller Card.

I found that installing on a IDE Disk after all the installation it's done,
I can see the RAID Array...

I know that I can use dd to pass the IDE (hda) partitions to the SCSI Raid
Array Disk (/dev/i2o/scd) but what else do I need to modify ? Grub (which
config files) ? Fstab ? any other stuff because the new change of the name
of the devices in order to pass all of the OS to the IDE disk to the SCSI
Raid Array one ?

Note: I also try to load at the booting time the Intel Driver but it said
that was for Red Hat 6.2 and after it has being loaded it didn't detect any
Disk on the RAID Controller Card.



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