Setting time zone

bwinter bwinter at
Thu Jun 30 02:07:00 UTC 2005

Truls Gulbrandsen wrote:
> Thanks a lot Bob, but there are some hurdles here.  Firstly, my
> /usr/share/zoneinfo/ is empty and secondly I don't have Vi but probably
> I can use gedit? and lastly I do have a dual boot with W2k so I should
> go for the UTC=false options?
> regards,
> Truls


1.)  The howto I put together was applicable to RedHat and Fedora Core 
1, I don't know if the directory structure changed with FC2+. Search 
for the directory "/zoneinfo" on you computer,try => <root># locate 
/zoneinfo . The directory may have moved to /usr/local/zoneinfo. If 
you find it, I would think you could then just adjust the paths in the 
directions. If you can't find it, maybe someone on the list can offer 
some advise.

2.)  Any text editor will do.

3.)  As Michael already replied, set UTC=false for a dual boot 
computer. Otherwise Unix and Windows fight over setting Daylight 
Savings Time.


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