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Stefan Held obi at
Thu Jun 30 13:03:31 UTC 2005

Am Mittwoch, den 29.06.2005, 10:12 -0300 schrieb Marcelo Magno T. Sales:
> Hi,
> I was studying nufw (, which seemed to solve my problem
> using an iptables module, but this site has been off-line for several
> weeks now :(

You are misunderstanding what ISA exactly is. ISA is a Proxy/Firewall
and Socks Filter all above Proprietary M$ Stuff.

I had a quick lock at the nufw sources and you really don't want to use
it. Controlling Internet Access can be done on an easy way:

Define two groups. Internet-Allowed and Disabled. Make different Policys
for them. The Allowed gets the correct Proxy Server, the Disabled gets a
wrong one. And disable the Modification of the Explorer Environment
through your Policy.

You can also plug the SMBD to the AD with kerberos and samba. Use the
Squid NTLM Login and make rules to groups. I never got that fully

Good Luck.

> TIA,
> Marcelo

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