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Thu Jun 30 15:19:48 UTC 2005

Stefan Held wrote:

>Am Mittwoch, den 29.06.2005, 14:25 -0700 schrieb Richard Kelsch:
>>Since Fedora is supposed to be "bleeding-edge," I have thought of a few 
>>things that may be cool for the future, not just for Fedora but Linux in 
>>*  How about the ability to install via SRPMS for the specific CPU 
>>platform I'm using?  In other words, as an advanced install option, 
>>allow me to have the installer use the SRPMS instead of the precompiled 
>>RPMS, and allow me to define the compiler optimizations for CPU etc.  
>>That would be cool.  Ok, a slow install, but this isn't a production OS, 
>>so why not?  I hate having an Athlon-XP running code optimized for a 
>>P4.  Sure, an install could take days, but it would be an option I'd 
>>use.  Why?  Because I can and it's certainly bleeding-edge.
>Kewl open your editor and start to code.

Start coding is not a good response to people that comes with 
suggestions. Everybody know that GNU/Linux is free software and that it 
is possible to contribute. However, the person who gives us the 
suggestion may not have the skill,  or time to do it himself.
That doesn't mean that his idea is bad. (I'm talking about ideas in 
general. I have no oppinion on the SRPM issue). By posting he may get 
somebody else interested, or he might expand our knowledge on how Linux 
is used, so why should they not post.

By giving answers like "Start coding" we discourage newbies or non tech 
savy user from giving suggestions. It is very important to pick up 
oppinion from such users as you as a programmer often get blind to how 
ordinary users, as secretarys and such, use their computers and what 
problems they have. Just ansvering start codig, doesn't add anything useful.

Uno Engborg

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