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John Summerfied debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Thu Jun 30 16:31:01 UTC 2005

jdow wrote:
> From: "John Summerfied" <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>
>>I have a couple of Prism54 cards that work well.  Some (at least) 
>>Atheros-based cards are fine, and I note d-link is now labelling its 
>>product to indicate which use TI, which use Atheros.
> Um, do you have the Linux driver for those atheros chips or are you
> using NDIS? And do you use WPA? My laptop will need to be WPA aware
> with the D-Link Atheros chipset three band beastie. (At least it will
> "someday.") I have the pieces. But it looks like I'll have to rebuild
> the Atheros stuff I have with the WPA files as well. Poo what a (small)
> annoyance.

_I_ have two prism54 cards, and those work with standard kernels. You 
need the madwifi project (I don't know whether it's integrated yet). 
It's a bit of a maze, but you start at sourceforge.

btw Daughter lives in Canberra. Daughter bought a laptop. Daughter took 
it home, turned it on and it said, "Do you want to join this network?"

Latest is, she has a choice of three unsecured wireless networks.

atm the weak point in my wireless is my laptop which has an 11b Wavelan 
card. Works fine, but only does 40-bit WEP.

I intend to fit one of these: 



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