CD Unmounting Help!!

Ben Stringer ben at
Tue Mar 1 12:13:05 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 06:01 -0600, William_King at wrote:
> I'm unable to unmount any cd in the last couple of days.  CD's auto or
> manually mount with no problems.  But when I try to unmount get
> message device is busy.  I've gone through processes running in KDE
> SystemGuard and killed all process showing accessing /dev/hdc, even
> killed konquerer.  I've even changed FSTAB to noauto,ro,users, but to
> no avail.

Hi William,

Have you used "fuser /dev/hdc" to locate processes accessing the cd? In
the past I have had problems unmounting CDs due to "fam" helpfully
monitoring the mount. Killing fam as root allows the CD to be unmounted
and ejected.

Cheers, Ben

Ben Stringer ===== ben at

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