e100 misbehaviour

Remco Poelstra remco at beryllium.net
Tue Mar 1 16:53:54 UTC 2005

Mogens Kjaer wrote:
> Hm, you shouldn't rule out a hardware problem.
> I use the eepro100 module in some cases instead of the e100,
> because e100 doesn't work with VPN (can't change MTU size),
> and I havn't had any problems with the eepro100 driver.

It seems to function correcly under W2k, altough I don't know how to 
really test it. I led ping run for a while.
The strange thing is that is has worked perfectly well for a few years. 
What could have been broken in the mean time? And why does the e100 
driver crash on a HW failure? Do you know a way to test the HW?


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