Installation problem: probe_partition_for_geom()

Edward edward at
Wed Mar 2 09:37:11 UTC 2005

Maarten Meyvis wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having problems installing. Everytime I choose a language and 
> keyboard setting, I get some pop-up windows. The title of these pop-ups 
> is 'bug' and they contain the following messages.
> 'assertion (sectors <=63) at disk_dos.c:490 in function 
> probe_partition_for_geom() failed'
> 'assertion ((c*heads+h)*sectors + s==a) at disk_dos.c:494 in function 
> probe_partition_for_geom() failed'
> 'assertion ((C*heads+H)*sectors+S at disk_dos.c:495 in function 
> probe_partition_for_geom() failed'
>  From other posts on the internet I understand that these messages have 
> something to do with my partition table but I can't find a way to make 
> them go away.
> I already got two OS's installed on the same computer ('98 and XP) but 
> on different hard drives. I wish to install FC on my second hard drive 
> with Xp on it. I previously partitioned this drive with windows' fdisk, 
> creating two 50% partitions of which I used the last one to install XP 
> to. I deleted the other partition to install FC to. Any help would be 
> greatly appreciated.
> regards,
> Maarten

Maarten, goedemorgen,

This has been discussed heaps on the net and the net.

I don't have a URL handy right now, but type the first error message 
into google.

Your looking for a cfdisk command that loops into itself and re-aligns 
part of your disk. I had to do this as well. Worked flawlessly.


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