Reducing Load on Amavisd-new/Spamassassin/Antivir

Dale Sykora dalen at
Wed Mar 2 17:00:01 UTC 2005

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Side note: I am running Sendmail with MimeDefang (Perl application using
> embedded Perl code), which binds SpamAssassin to the mail processing
> stream, and it has no real problem to handle my daily mails (600?; most
> list mails). Anti virus protection is coming with ClamAV being the
> primary milter to discard virus / worm mails without further processing
> by other parts of the mail system.

	This thread caused an idea to pop into my head.  What if virus scanners 
would digitally sign outgoing messages as virus free such that incoming 
mail handlers could verify the message+signatures and not have to scan 
for virii?  Then active lists like fedora-list could scan once at the 
server and all the recipients would only have to check the signature.



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