Screen Locking Problems

Ryan McDougall izanseth at
Wed Mar 2 20:12:26 UTC 2005

Hi All,

I'm sorry about this but I have looked for some things on this but
can't seem to find a solution or an exact problem.

We have FC2 on a Dell machine but the user likes to lock the screen
using the xscreensaver option on the redhat menu. Ok this works most
of the time BUT every once in a while he will come in the next
morning, after having locked the screen the night before, and the
screen will be unlocked and open. Has anyone else had this issue or
does anyone know how to go about fixing it?

Also we tried to use xlockmore from the DAG wiers repository and the
install seemed to work but the user just emailed me and stated that
xlock wouldn't accept his password. And after he hit the enter key
several times it just let him in anyway. So if we could find a
solution to either of those that would be AWESOME.

Thanks all,

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