RAID setup with Disk Druid (was: fedora-list Digest, Vol 13, Issue 29)

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at
Thu Mar 3 00:26:23 UTC 2005

Am Mi, den 02.03.2005 schrieb rado um 18:16:

> >
> > 
> > The whole new set of docs for RHEL4 you find on:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Alexander
> yes, I already looked at that thx
> the specific info I am looking for just is not to handle the
> md devices...

> john rose

I am not sure that I understand which information you lack. What do you
mean with "handle the md devices"? You don't know how to create RAID
arrays during install using Disk Druid? Do you mean administering the
RAID after installation? If it is first, the documentation says it all,
it is a 2 step thing: "To make a RAID device, you must first create
software RAID partitions. Once you have created two or more software
RAID partitions, select RAID to join the software RAID partitions into a
RAID device."


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