Perl yp_all() fails in Fedora 3 in EM64T

Clotho Tsang wytsang at
Thu Mar 3 09:59:10 UTC 2005

I face problem with perl function Net::NIS::yp_all(), which is unable
to get any NIS map, althouth I type "ypcat" in command line shows
that the NIS map exists.

I have written a sample program to test it, and I find that
EM64T, Fedora 3 update 3, perl 5.8.5 has the problem
IA64, Fedora 3 update 3, perl 5.8.5 has NO problem
EM64T, RHWS3, perl 5.8.0 has NO problem
C version of yp_all() has NO problem.

Here is the test script for Perl yp_all():

use Net::NIS;
# get our default NIS domain name
$domain = Net::NIS::yp_get_default_domain(  );
# grab the map
($status, $info) = Net::NIS::yp_all($domain,"netgroup.byhost");
foreach my $name (sort keys %{$info}){
    print "$name => $info->{$name}\n";
print "The end\n";

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