Fedora Core Support List Unofficial User's Guide (draft 3, - Gustavo Seabra)

David Curry dsccable at comcast.net
Sat Mar 5 02:01:07 UTC 2005


>> For all who are folowing this thread, I created copy of this draft
>> version in a web-page format. Before you look there, please have in
>> mind:
>> 1. I am a *novice* in html, so don't expect much;
>> 2. I basically just wrapped my previous post with HTML tags, to make
>> it look nicer. So you are likely to find there just what is being
>> discussed here.
>> 3. I don't have a web-page. All I have is the space provided by the
>> University for students to put personal web-pages. Thus, the weird
>> link.
>> Here it goes: http://www-personal.ksu.edu/~seabra/linux/FedoraRules.html
Nice work, Gustavo.  You've pulled together a lot of input and packaged 
it nicely.

Here is a suggestion I offered to James McKenzie off line per his 
original post on "rules".  Place "Google is your friend" in a 
conspicuous location. That pointer was the single most helpful response 
I received to questions I posted early in my fedora-list experience.  
Using search functions in Red Hat/Fedora-list archives was everything 
BUT productive.  Google searches all of the archives plus many other 
linux related sites.

In pointing newbies to information available on their own systems, you 
might mention two things.  One particularly helpful suggestion I noticed 
in list traffic was to  point KDE's browser, Konqueror, at  "man:/" 
(without the quotes) for man pages in html format and easy to use print 
capabilities to produce hard copy of selected pages.  The default home 
page in the Mozilla browser (file:///usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html) as 
distributed in Fedora Core 2 suggests the presence of even more local 
documentation which is, of course, present and all one needs to do to 
find it is scale back the url to file:///usr/share/doc/.

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