Network Manager doesn't start

jim lawrence fedorajim at
Sat Mar 5 13:18:10 UTC 2005

Out of the blue, NetworkManager will not start when i boot up anymore.
I have to su to root, the run  NetworkManagerInfo in the terminal.
Before it was simple as loggong into my account, and the sonar would
wave a few secs, and I would be connected. So, I started the process
as root, logged out and checked  the save current setup.  I'm able to
connect as of now, but no graphical representation to speak of. With
out doing a ifconfig or a iwconfig in the terminal, I don't know which
network i'm connected to now.
 Q. Why do I have to run the process as root now? 
Q. How do i fix this so it launches without user interaction & shows
in the notification area?

ipw2200 intel wireless

Thanks all for your kind help.

Jim Lawrence
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