Is Linux really faster than MS Windows ?

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Sat Mar 5 20:22:24 UTC 2005

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> Tomas Larsson wrote:
> >>Michael brings up a good point.  On my WinXP Laptop, where I have a
> >>wireless 802.11G card, it doesn't pump the card until after 
> >>the login. 
> >>It doesn't attempt to mount network drives until after you 
> login.  A 
> >>good portion of the startup is unique per user, it doesn't 
> >>happen until 
> >>after login.
> > Completely wrong.
> > Networking in XP is loaded at boot time, however you have to wait 
> > until the boot is completed i.e. disk-access has finished. 
> The proof 
> > is that you without any problems can access shared 
> resources, remote 
> > desktop etc directly after a boot, and without any users login in.
> You need to read what I wrote and not what you think I wrote.
> On MY LAPTOP, I can watch it pump the wireless card AFTER login.  I 
> watch it use DHCP to get its address.  That card is not live 
> until after 
> boot.  On my linux box, it DHCP's before the login.   If your 
> wired and 
> sharing resources, sure, that happens before the login prompt.  But I 
> never said that.  I also said it doesn't attempt to mount 
> network drives 
> until after login.  It can't.  Windows networking requires 
> knowing who 
> you are because you have to login into the remote host.  It can't do 
> that until it knows who you are.   Windows can make its 
> shared resources 
> avaialble before login because it doesn't matter who is going 
> to logon 
> but it will not attempt to map your network drives until you login.
> Completly wrong?
> Rob
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