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Michael Fleming mfleming at enlartenment.com
Mon Mar 7 04:35:17 UTC 2005

On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 10:12:53AM +0600, ranilg at lankacom.net waffled thusly:
> Hi all,
> Any Updates on Sendmail(8.12.10-1.1.1) packages for fedora-core1.(for 2
> and 3 as well)

I've not seen anything for any of the listed versions (FC1 would be
listed on fedoralegacy.org if such an errata were to be released)

> A bug has been identified which fills up the /var/log/mailllog files with
> the repitive entries of ...
> sendmail[]: STARTTLS: read error=generic SSL error (0)

The standard syslog would suppress these if they were
numerous/repetitive, surely?  (ie. "Last message repeated N times" etc.)

(You could also switch to Postfix/Exim too, thus defeating the problem

> Thanks in advance,


> ranil.


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