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> On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 13:46:32 -0500, Tim Holmes <tholmes at>
> wrote:
> > I am preparing to implement Mailman and sendmail here on our system
> > be able to manage a few mailing lists -- the base computer is a FC3
> > with plenty of horsepower, so I'm not worried there.  My major
> > are:
> >
> > (a) will this cause any problems with our Exchange server that is in
> > same network?
> Some coordination will probably be necessary if the two boxes will
> be using addresses from the same domain.  Will your sendmail server
> be a front-end for exchange, or set up in parallel to it, etc.
> Also I'm assuming you know at least the basics of DNS administration.
[Tim Holmes wrote] 

The Ideal is that Mailman would work WITH exchange removing the need for
the sendmail server all together, but I am not sure if this is the case
or not.

> > (b) finding the proper resources etc for setting both of them up.  I
> > will be joining the Mailman and Sendmail lists if I can find them,
> > just looking stuff over it seems a bit daunting-- any hints, tips or
> > suggestions that you folks have would be greatly appreciated
> I'd start with the mailman documentation at
> If you still need more information, you will probably need to dive
> into sendmail itself.

[Tim Holmes wrote] 
Cool -- makes sense

> If you've never managed sendmail before you've got a lot of
> reading ahead of you.  Sendmail is amazingly powerful and
> flexible, but also one of the most complex pieces of software.
> Without starting a sendmail flamewar, you should definitely
> stock up on the appropriate O'Reilly books.  There's two you
> will want (
>   Sendmail cookbook, Dec 2003
>   Sendmail, 3rd ed, Dec 2002
> (be sure to get the 3rd ed, and not an earlier one).
> Don't worry about reading the whole book, you won't need
> most of the esoteric stuff.
> There was also an older O'Reilly book titled Managing
> Mailing Lists, but it may be out of print or hard to find.  It didn't
> cover mailman, but still contains a lot of general mail list
> management information.  If you can find this book cheaply,
> it is still worth having.
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