Multihomed proxy serving 2 wireless networks

Kevin Plew kevin at
Tue Mar 8 10:55:51 UTC 2005

The FC2 box is not acting as a router. I don't want all packets to go
through eth0 due to the load on the wireless router. The reason I want to
route through the 2 interfaces is to reduce the total load on each router.


> Kevin Plew wrote:
>> I'm trying to setup 2 wireless networks being served by one server with
>> 2
>> NICs. I need 2 wireless networks due to the number of subscibers. The
>> server will provide dhcp, dns and a proxy. The proxy is required by my
>> satellite provider. DHCP and DNS both work correctly, but the proxy is
>> only able to connect to the server @ via eth0. eth1 will not
>> connect. I am able to route to eth0 but not to eth1. I have tried adding
>> the following to /etc/sysconfig:
>> network-scripts/route-eth0 containing via
>> network-scripts/route-eth1 containing via
>> The only route that shows up is the route via
>> I have tried adding static routes, but then niether interface connected.
>> Is there any way to accomplish what I am trying to do?
> Is your FC2 server also serving as a router to connect your 2 wireless
> LANs together?
> I don't think you really need to be able to connect to via
> both interfaces. If the clients on network are assigned a
> gateway of (your eth0) and the clients on network
> are assigned a gateway of (your eth1),
> then they should all send packets for any off-net addresses such as
> to you. You only then need a single route to that IP in
> order to be able to forward those packets to the right destination.
> So you should be able to get rid of network-scripts/route-eth1 and the
> clients on that network should still be able to send packets to
>, by forwarding the packets to you (who has IP forwarding
> turned on), and you forward the packet via eth0 to
> Paul.
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