Access Point problem

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Wed Mar 9 02:16:13 UTC 2005

Scot L. Harris wrote:

> The two addresses you give are in two different subnets.  Most APs I
> have seen default to the first address in the subnet defined on the LAN
> side.  In you case you might try as the address oof the AP.
> Or if it is following what you indicate the default should be try
> Baring that you will have to see about a hard reset which should reset
> the device back to factory defaults at which point the address should be
> and have the default password info.
> Normally there is a reset button, small hole with a switch that you
> reach with a paperclip reset device.  

Thanks for your help, Scot. I think I covered your points in my previous 
  reply to Rick.

Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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