Termcap/Terminfo & Ncurses

Justin Zygmont jzygmont at solarflow.net
Wed Mar 9 08:16:56 UTC 2005

I suspect this may be related to UTF.  /etc/sysconfig/i18n

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, armen wrote:

> I've recently installed redhat fedora core 3 on a dell poweredge server and 
> I'm running into an unusual issue with what seems to be either termcap or 
> ncurses or both. When I connect using PuTTY (claiming a terminal type of 
> XTERM) on a windows-based system, ncurses applications behave more-or-less 
> normally. When I run these applications inside screen, the vertical and 
> horizonal line super-ascii characters appear as A's with an umlaut over them.
> The real issue occurs when I connect from a FreeBSD system (claiming term 
> type xterm-color.) When I run ncurses applications outside of screen, 
> formatting is horribly broken, with columns displayed out of order, a 
> constant stream of backslashes displayed across the input line, and with 
> everything I type being escaped.
> When I run the apps in screen (when connecting from FreeBSD) the formatting 
> is off, but in a different way, and the input line is highlighted 
> incorrectly.
> I've tried replacing termcap and terminfo entries from a working system and 
> I've tried setting different term types before I connect, but nothing seems 
> to help.
> I've also noticed that if I connect to the a working server from the broken 
> one (via ssh) the apps format and display properly.
> All components, including termcap/terminfo and ncurses are stock 
> redhat-supplied installations and this problem exhibits itself in both redhat 
> supplied and custom compiled ncurses applications.
> Any help, advice, or insight would be greatly appreciated as I cannot seem to 
> make any headway against this issue. I'd be more than happy to provide copies 
> of termcap, terminfo files, inputrc files, etc from the working system (an 
> older redhat variant for ppc) and the troublesome system if requested.
> armen

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