How to get access to optical drive from console?

David List david at
Thu Mar 10 18:34:15 UTC 2005

Rick Chen wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 02:46:45PM +0100, David List wrote:
>>I have installed FC3, and I´m now sitting with a system that only allows
>>booting to init 3, since the automatically generated xorg.conf file
>>obviously contains rubbish somewhere in it. That, I´m used to, from
>>previous installations from scratch with this system.
>>However, the udev feature strikes me out in this case. I haven´t got a
>>clue as to how to get access to my DVD-ROM drive, so I can get hold of a
>> working xorg.conf file from my backup.
>>I haven´t been able to find any help on this in the fedora-list
>>archives. Can anyone give me a hint?
> I have not tried access CD-ROM in init 3 mode. So this information may
> be not correct. udev should auto mount your cdrom under /media/cdrom/
> if not you can alway mount it yourself
> 		as root
> 		cd /media/
> 		mdkir cdrom
> 		mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /media/cdrom

All right, that helped me as far as my DVD+RW drive on hdc goes. There 
was an entry for /dev/hdc already. I´m still lost on what I have to do 
to get in contact with my SCSI DVD-ROM drive. Even though it was the 
drive the installation media was run from, the system seems not to know 
anything about it. In previous installations on the same system, the 
drive was to be found at /dev/sr1, but searching for /dev/sr* gives me 

Thank you for your answer. At least now I can get at my files from the 

Best regards,
David List

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