Lan to Wan reprise

Arthur Pemberton dalive at
Sun Mar 13 13:41:25 UTC 2005

Claude Jones wrote:

> I had successfully configured an FC3 box at work to serve as internet 
> router, firewall, web server, DHCP server to my Lan, etc. Tonight, I 
> moved it to its final destination, my home, and I'm completely stuck 
> on one issue.
> The web server works.
> The box has internet access.
> Machines on the Lan are getting DHCP assigned IP addresses. They are 
> also able to see my lone web page.
> However, the machines on the Lan can't get past the firewall. It's not 
> a DNS problem because it doesn't go away if you put an IP address in. 
> I can ping the Wan NIC from the LAN but nothing further than that.
> I've reviewed the procedures over and over  that I used successfully, 
> and I can't find the problem.
> DHCPD loads without errors.
> I've checked and rechecked the firewall and SELinux settings, and they 
> appear to be the same as at the office.
> I've reviewed the network settings for my NICs twenty times.
> IP forwarding and masquerade have been set up.
> What have I overlooked??? I have to have this running in three hours 
> so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
> Claude Jones
> Bluemont, VA, USA
I have almost exactly the same setup as you up and running. See my 
firewall iptables script (it may help you):

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