CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive and device permission

Francois Ouellette fouellet at
Tue Mar 15 04:21:22 UTC 2005

>>The device always turns out to be owned by root... I use 2 user names this
>>machine apart from root.
>Is there a symlink being created ?:
>/dev/cdwriter -> hdc


>Also what is the /etc/fstab entry for /dev/hdc ?
>Mine's (all one line):
>/dev/hdc /media/cdrecorder auto

Whatever I put in /etc/fstab it always comes back as:

/dev/hdc /media/cdrecorder auto pamconsole,ro,exec,noauto,managed 0 0

and /dev/hdc is owned by root with a protection mask: brw-rw----


 François Ouellette
<fouellet at>

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