Antivirus in FC3?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Mar 16 20:17:33 UTC 2005

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:57:13 -0500, Billy Tallis <wtallis at> wrote:
> > Excellent article! I'm commiting it to memory now...
> >
> > Why doesn't google return results with pages like this? Maybe for the
> > same reason that Gmail needs activeX and Pecasa only runs on windows?
> >
> I am currently using gmail on firefox on an iMac. Earlier today I was
> using gmail on firefox on an old solaris machine. Neither of these
> platforms have activeX. And google just recently bought picasa. Thank
> them for making it free and hope they start working linux port. And
> the question of is it needed could be answered without a doubt (though
> not as much detail) by the first page of google results. There are
> worse companies for you to bash unnecessarily.

True. I really do like google. I guess that I was just frusterated
when I wrote that.

And I should point out that there is now an html-only interface for
gmail, so back to Opera I go!

Dotan Cohen

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