/dev/cdrom question

C Toews toewsc at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 19 03:43:53 UTC 2005

I'm hoping this is a bonehead question with an easy answer:  I just 
installed Fedora Core 3 from a dvd.  The installation seemed to go fine, but 
I've noticed that /dev/cdrom doesn't exist, with the apparent consequence 
that I can't play CD's.  Except on a very cursory level, I don't really 
understand what the entries in the /dev directory represent, and in 
particular I don't understand when or how they are produced.  I do know that 
the cd drive works because I've checked it on the windows side (its a dual 
boot).  Any idea why the /dev/cdrom directory (directory?  file? I'm not 
sure what it is) wasn't created?  More relevantly, is there any way to 
create it, and associate with the relevant hardware?

Any ideas would be deeply appreciated.


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