CD-RW (Was Monitor T/off)

Perry Spiller p.spiller at
Sun Mar 20 20:00:18 UTC 2005

>What does this have to do with the subject - 'Monitor Turn Off' ?

Sorry - I had my brain at half mast.
I'd started on the Monitor stand-by/screen-saver
post, solved the problem, re-worked the post and
forgot to change the subject line. With any luck,
I might even get a name in place of the list ID on
this effort!

>Please don't post in html - send messages in plain text format

Right - I've changed that setting at the options page.
(If it creates problems, why is it offered as an option?)

>What is on the CD?

It's a data CD with word processor files and the like.

>What makes you think that it doesn't 'like' the CD?

I attempted to write an Open Office file to it and got
an error message (can't remember specifically) that
gave me the clear impression it didn't like the format.
(A bit like WindozeXP and Direct CD formatting)

I thought formatting CDs as a removable disc was
an ISO standard, but it seems not.

>Which Fedora ?

Core 2

>Please be specific about what you are doing and what you are expecting
>to happen.

Suitably chastened - sorry. I had hoped I'd described enough.

Perhaps what I want is not possible? I want a CD format that all
machines on the home office LAN can access. 2 have CDRWs.
One has CDROM.

I have a Network problem, too, so, until that was solved, shifting
the data file on a CD seemed a good workaround. In hindsight,
it was small enough to use a 3.5 floppy, so I now also ask if I'm
likely to have similar unrecognised format type error messages
with those?

Perry (in New Zealand)
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