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Dennis Daniels ddaniels at
Mon Mar 21 15:33:09 UTC 2005

            I'm a newbie in the process of trying to configure a
CompactFlash card for booting a MIPS embedded system. Scripts I'm using
as a baseline were designed to be run on the MIPS target after an NFS
boot, but I currently don't have that capability. I'm modifying the
aforementioned scripts and attempting to initialize the CF card from an
FC 3 system with an IDE-CF card adapter, to bring-up the MIPS target.
The issue is that the scripts call initdconfig, and the only version
I've found (have access to) is for the MIPS target. Pardon my ignorance,
but where can I locate a version of initdconfig that I can run on FC3?


Thanks ahead of time for any help,



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