Looking for a software recomendation for FC3

Tim Holmes tholmes at mcaschool.net
Mon Mar 21 17:49:27 UTC 2005

> > Hi Folks:
> >
> > I am looking for some software for my FC3 laptop.  I need a
> > program that will download digital pictures from my
> > Flashcard, and while it is doing so, change their names to
> > whatever I specify.  The ideal would be some sort of image
> > handling program, but I can live with something else if it
> > will do the job.  I have installed wine, and gotten it
> > running, but the Nikon Transfer program that I normally use
> > will not run under wine (yet), and I need something else
> >
> > Any help you can provide would be great
> Did you look at gphoto : http://www.gphoto.org/ which is available
> Fedora Core 3 ?
> > TIM
> >
> Sincerely yours, Mathieu.
[Tim Holmes wrote] 
Mathieu - Yes, I have looked at Gphoto and it is perfect for what I
want.  The problem that I have encountered is that the newer versions
are not available as RPMs, and the instructions for installation from
source are unhelpful to say the least.  I am trying to find more useful
installation instructions, and then I will be installing it as soon as


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