FC3 with BEFSR11 Linksys router slow connection

Shawn Iverson shawn at nccsc.k12.in.us
Tue Mar 22 13:03:19 UTC 2005

On Monday, March 21, 2005 8:39 PM Rick Stevens wrote:
>The trick is that autonegotiation is somewhat ill-defined.  
>Windows has hacks that work around issues such as you are 
>having, but Linux doesn't.
>The solution is to force both ends to 100MbFD and turn off 
>autosense. We have similar issues with Cisco and Extreme 
>Networks stuff on occasion.  I agree it "should work" but it 
>often doesn't, so we don't even let them start the discussion.

I definitely can relate.  The network I help manage is all Cisco gear,
and I have the same trouble at times, so on most of the switches I force
100/Full.  Unfortunately, the BEFSR11 has no way to turn off its
autonegotiation, and coupled with a dumb auto-sensing switch, that is
bad news.  However, even after autonegotiation I determine the Linksys
to have 100/Full, and I match it on the Linux box with 100/Full, I run
into trouble.  It is only at 100Mbit that I have this problem.  It's as
though the Linksys can't properly control the speed mismatch between its
WAN (10Mbit/HD) and LAN interfaces when Linux is a client on the LAN



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