Setting up DHCPv6 server and client

Sudheer Narayan Sudheer.Narayan at
Thu Mar 24 04:07:22 UTC 2005

I want to set up a dhcpv6 server/Client on Fedora core 3. I've installed
Fedora Core 3 on two systems and connected them using cross cable. I want
to set up one computer as DHCPV6 server and other as client. Ive assigned
IPv6 address(Global) to client and Server and tried the PING6
command.....there is no problem with the ping command.........

  the changes that ive made in the Server and Client Configuration files

dhcp6s.conf: (/etc/):

prefer-life-time 10000;
valid-life-time 20000;
renew-time 5000;
rebind-time 8000;
interface eth0 {
    link AAA {
        allow unicast;
        send unicast;
        allow rapid-commit;
        send server-preference 5;
        renew-time 1000;
        rebind-time 2400;
        prefer-life-time 2000;
        valid-life-time 3000;
            range 3ffe : 501 : ffff : : 2 to 3ffe : 501 : ffff : : 20/64
            prefix 3ffe : 501 : ffff:0001 : : /48;

Command used to run the DHCP6 server : dhcp6s -dDf eth0

dhcp6c.conf (/etc/):

interface eth0 {
        send rapid-commit;
        request prefix-delegation;
        request domain-name-servers;
        request temp-address;
        iaid 11111;
        renew-time 11000;
        rebind-time 21000;

Command used to run the DHCP6 client : dhcp6c -dDf eth0

            Is there any other configuration settings that needs to be
done?? or any other procedure that needs to be followed??

Thanks in Advance

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