Antivirus in FC3?

Felipe Alfaro Solana lkml at
Fri Mar 25 11:36:44 UTC 2005

On 25 Mar 2005, at 07:19, Les Mikesell wrote:

>>> And the other options would be????
>> ----
>> learning LDAP
>> ----
> Why wouldn't you want a setup exactly like one that you
> know works in a lot of other places?  Creating a unique
> setup is usually the worst thing you can possibly do.

That's the magic about LDAP: it's so flexible that it can adapt to 
nearly any scenario. However, is in that flexibility that a starting 
point must be made, and that consists of the standard schema 
(collection of metadata describing real-world objects with their 

It's not about a creating a unique setup, but a setup that works for 
common usage cases, like administering users and groups, NFS and Samba 
shares, etc.

>> learn how to use the tools that are
>> provided...ldapmodify/ldapadd/ldapsearch. Once you get that, you got 
>> it
>> made.
> Those are all simple enough other than the bizarre syntax for 
> searching,
> but it doesn't tell me what the clients are going to request or why
> my clients might be different from yours.  Or why it would hurt to
> include the things your clients use too, even if I don't run the
> same ones yet.

You, and anyone, can provide wrappers for the LDAP Search language to 
hide or abstract it from the user. Windows does, so we can and in fact 
do through the libuser libraries.

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