Fedora 3 hanging before Anaconda launches

Jody koya at otenet.gr
Sat Mar 26 09:50:21 UTC 2005

Ok thanks for the advice. It is a DVD that I got from a magazine and it has 
a directory with Fedora with many files (1652 in RPMS etc). It hangs right 
after the lines

running install
running /sbin/loader

where it seems to get utterly stuck.

I'm not sure how to turn DMA off on this system as there doesn't seem to be 
such an option in the BIOS, or maybe I just missed it.

Any other advice?

At 10:37 AM 26/03/2005, you wrote:
>On Saturday 26 March 2005 01:19, Jody wrote:
> > Hello, new linux user here. I am trying to install Fedora 3.0 (DVD version)
> > on my system, but every time I do it hangs just before it launches
> > Anaconda. It just sits there doing nothing...can any kind person give me a
> > hint as to what might be going on?
> >
> > AMD 2600+
> > A7N8X MB
> > LG SuperMulti DVD Burner
> > 1Ghz RAM
> > Maxtor 120GB HD
> >
> > Not sure what other info might be useful...
> >
> > Thanks
>Try turning the DMA off. Maybe that's it since it caused similar troubles for
>me too.
>Have you tried other distro's or releases?
>- Jeroen
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