xcdroast and k3b non-root permissions?

NGUYEN Dang-Truc bobotaito at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 28 16:25:11 UTC 2005

Please update *udev* to latest and this problem will be automatically 

Matthew Rex wrote:

>I've just re-installed a RH7.3 box with FC3, and am sorting through the
>differences. So I have a few queries:
>Is xcdroast still not compiled for non-root usage in FC3? Why? What's
>the easiest way to fix that? Is there a repo (DAG?) that has the
>non-root version available?
>I started looking at k3b - it also seems to only work when run as root.
>It mentions changing permissions on the CD writer device to allow
>non-root usage. Is this safe? Is there another way? The k3b site doesn't
>seem to mention this.
>Finally, Do I need to do anything about sound server startup (this
>machine is a headless server in run-level 3) - how do I stop k3b (and
>other apps) trying to use non-existent sound devices?

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