Missing Operating System on Poweredge 4300 (FC3)

Matthew Benjamin msbenjamin at fedex.com
Mon Mar 28 21:40:46 UTC 2005

Thanks. By the way your solution with the install --stage work perfectly

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Matthew Benjamin wrote:

> Is there an advantage of using GRUB over LILO?

It is kind of emacs vs. vi question.  Both are good.  Both will load and

start your operating system.

Grub is more like emacs.  It has more features, and will take longer to 
learn and understand what you can do with it.

LILO is more like vi.  Small and simple.  "man lilo.conf" will tell you 
all you'll ever need to know in about five minutes.

I used both, and personally preffer simplicity of LILO.  Plus it matches

my personal needs better than Grub.  Of course, some other people will 
tell you the same for Grub (and they will be correct too).  Just like 
emacs vs. vi discussions.

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