Top Posting....

Paul Howarth paul at
Tue Mar 29 09:53:00 UTC 2005

Angelo Machils wrote:
> It is a little strange, that in a community where people choose their OS 
> for the choices and freedom, there are people who say 'we still want you 
> to choose my choice, if you go ahead with your own choice, we will 
> ignore your messages'. Sounds kind of childish to me..... But that is 
> just my personal observation....

Well, put it this way. This is a high-traffic list, so most people will 
have to be selective on which posts they read and respond to. Some posts 
are likely to be ignored, be that because they have poor subject lines 
("Help!"), are poorly formatted (e.g. choice of small fonts or poor 
colour contrast in HTML mail making it difficult to read even with a 
mailer than handles HTML), or are difficult to follow because of poor 
quoting or ordering (both of which are problems with top-posting). So by 
following the conventions of the list, a question is more likely to get 


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