top posting, HTML posting and "the closer"

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Wed Mar 30 18:29:25 UTC 2005

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> On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 kevin.kempter at wrote:
>> The benifits and courtesies of an open source community have to work
>> in both directions.
> and that's *exactly* what's happening here.  if you show up, take the
> time to learn the protocols and follow the lead of others who've been
> here a while, the regular denizens of this list will bend over
> backwards to help you out.  (i mean, geez, alexander dalloz *alone*
> could be a major corporation's entire help desk department.)
> on the other hand, if you show up with an attitude, the regulars will
> rip you a new orifice.
> i think that pretty much describes your "both directions" thingie, no?
> :-)
> rday

So I guess there's no room for tolerance of other people's preferences?  I 
mean, really - is it *that* hard to follow a thread that is top-posted?  Is 
it *really* worth getting so worked up over?  I don't have any problems 
following threads like that, and it doesn't get me all stirred up.  I am 
curious as to why this is really such a big deal.


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