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Wed Mar 30 19:02:22 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 10:32 -0600, Thomas Cameron wrote:
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> Subject: Re: TOP POSTING
> > On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 09:56 -0500, Frank Stratton - VE3YY wrote:
> >> Hi All,
> >>
> >> I've decided to withdraw from this list, but before I do I want to have 
> >> my 2
> >> cents worth.  I received a nasty message from a David CURRY (see below).
> >> This message was inappropriate and uncalled for.  I am new to this list 
> >> and
> >> if he had taken to time to explain what was required I would have changed
> >> from digest format to individual messages.
> >>
> > ----
> > We all were new once - some of us forget what it was like.
> >
> > suggest that you take a different approach to this - there are lot of
> > people on this list and some of them get carried away
> >
> > Learn to ignore / delete the messages from people that have rubbed you
> > the wrong way - they need not be significant
> I respectfully disagree.  Every time someone is rude and we just ignore it, 
> we are really condoning it.  There is waaaay too much hostility out there, 
> we should not tolerate it in our community.  I believe this should be a 
> safe, enjoyable place to come and participate in a friendly community and 
> learn about a really cool technology.  I see this sort of silly flame job 
> entirely too often on this list.  People hide behind the anonymity of the 
> keyboard and treat people on the list in a way that (I hope) they would 
> never dream of in person.
> In my opinion, we should not tolerate this kind of bad behavior.  If a new 
> list member makes mistakes, I totally understand and agree with gently 
> reminding them of the list preferences.  But this newbie bashing is totally 
> counter-productive.  It alienates new users and enforces the impression that 
> the Linux community is an elitist mob.
I know that you think this way and I respect you for it.

Unfortunately, there are some who simply cannot accept those that break
their rules (no top posting - no html - etc.) 

of course these are not official rules but are the 'assumed' rules by
some who wish to make them official.

I personally don't like either top posting (makes it so hard to reply to
a reply) or html (I often can't read them) but I agree, it makes little
sense to beat people up.


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