FC3 on Dell PowerEdge 2800 and embedded SCSI and

Justin Crabtree crabtrej at otc.edu
Wed Mar 30 21:40:36 UTC 2005

McGuffey, David wrote:
>>>An observation:  posting multiple questions in a single message tends to
>>>turn folks like me off.  I've found that I am more likely to answer a
> single
>>>question...  So if you have three issues you are dealing with, I suggest
>>>posting three messages.
>>>I could be wrong tho...
>>So you are seriously suggesting that David post separate messages for
>>the following questions?
>>I think
>>>>>"A couple of weeks back I posted a message about openwall, 
>>rsecurity, >>>PAX, LIDS, and Bastille for FC3 but didn't get much 
>>Is what Thomas was talking about multiple posts for.
> Ok, I got my requisite newbie public flogging. Forget the security stuff,
> forget the cost stuff, I'll ask one question: Anyone have any trouble
> installing FC3 on this box?
> Dave McGuffey
> Principal Information Assurance Engineer

We have several Dell 1655MC blades and while Fedora installs fine on 
them, we have had performance issues with the Dell PERC SCSI 
controllers.  Dell tech support was less than helpful with determining 
the problem.  The problems we have had have been with applications that 
are disk I/O intensive.  This is just my experience and doesn't mean 
that the problems weren't caused by user error.  Just thought I would 
pass it on.

Justin Crabtree
Java Programmer
Ozarks Technical Community College

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