bad posting habits, jeremy bernstein and scientific cranks

Mitsuho Iizuka m-iizuka at
Thu Mar 31 06:16:50 UTC 2005

From: Paul Howarth <paul at>
Subject: Re: bad posting habits, jeremy bernstein and scientific cranks
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 14:50:24 +0100

> You're right, it's not life or death and people will post however they 
> think appropriate. But the people that persist in top/html-posting after 
> being asked not to do so won't be getting help from the people that 
> object to it, and that does appear to include most of the most 
> knowledgeable people on the list. So by not following the list 
> conventions, you're shooting yourself in the foot. But that's your choice.

Oh!, now, finally, I come to understand as follows. Thanks.

There must be top-posters(T), bottom-posters(B), html-posters(H),
plain-text-posters(P), and so on. This is fact and it's a freedom. But
after some mail-following-work(quoting, what to say?) among each
other, mail text will be as follows in any quoting orders,

     T-B-H-P-P-P-T-B..... or

     B-T-T-B-T-H ...

     .... (any combination)

For sure, those are obviously not human (easily) readable texts. And
it might charge heavy trimming work for last posters. That's why minimal
rule required. I did not notice. Hmmmm.

// M. Iizuka of Visual Spatial

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