(or maybe selinux?) Re: Problem with NFS after updating util-linux

Will Partain will.partain at verilab.com
Thu Mar 31 15:14:35 UTC 2005

Espen Stefansen <espenas at gmail.com> writes:

> At my company, we have a redhat 9 server which is a nfs and nis
> server. It handles our logins and home-dirs. After updating my Fedora
> 3 machine with util-linux, i cannot log on anymore. In my log it says:
> Mar 31 13:58:54 localhost automount[5900]: >> mount to NFS server
> 'artemis' failed: server is down.
> Mar 31 13:58:54 localhost automount[5900]: >> mount: backgrounding
> "artemis:/export/home/espens"
> But the server isn't down.
> If i replace the new util-linux rpm, with the old one, it works fine.

I'm seeing the same symptoms.  I was OK until this morning's updates,
which did not include util-linux, but did include (speculating wildly)...

 Nils Philippsen  Fedora Core 3 Update: system-config-services-0.8.21-0.fc3.1
 Daniel J Walsh   Fedora Core 3 Update: selinux-policy-targeted-1.17.30-2.93

I have other NFS(v3) clients [Solaris 8] which are seeing things from
the RH9 server no problem.  My FC3 clients are seeing the FC3 server
(NFSv4) just fine.

No messages in any logs other than the one Espen reports.  Happy to
help with chasing this one...


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