Ide=nodma is "loosing too many ticks"

Richard Molen rvmolen at
Thu Mar 31 19:29:58 UTC 2005

--- Mark <msalists at> wrote:
> I got the following problem after my FC3 install:
> Losing too many ticks!
> TSC cannot be used as a timesource.
> Possible reasons for this are:
>   You're running with Speedstep,
>   You don't have DMA enabled for your hard disk (see hdparm),
>   Incorrect TSC synchronization on an SMP system (see dmesg).
> Falling back to a sane timesource now.
Seems I had this problem when compiling a custom kernel for an
a7n8x board recently.  hdparm couldn't enable the dma either.  It
finally worked after adding the correct IDE driver (amd/nforce)
for that mobo.  Until I corrected the problem disk performance
was quite poor.
> I have ide=nodma in the boot parameters, since I was not able to
> complete the install with that parameter.
> If I try to take this parameter out of the grub.conf, I get the below
> and the machine does not boot:

You may need to compile a custom kernel with the correct driver for
your motherboard.  Or perhaps get try an updated kernel.

Richard Molen

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