what 'user' are acpi scripts run as? Forcing DCOP to look at current user?

Birt, Jeffrey birtj at umr.edu
Sun May 1 04:54:23 UTC 2005

In the process of getting my acpi script just right I'm trying to use DCOP to turn on/off the kdesktop screensaver setting.  
Working with DCOP I've discoverd that each user seems to have their own DCOP server.  Running dcop from a regular console give a diffrent list of DCOP enabled processes than a root console.

I am assuming that the acpi scripts are run as 'system' (or what ever the Linux equivelent is) and therefore any DCOP related calls are looking at the 'systems' DCOP server not the current user.

So, can I force a script to run as another user?  that is have the acpi script which is being run as 'system' call another script as the current user?


...confused and tired.........

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