Soundblaster Live 24bit HD

Kenneth Geddings Jr. kgiris2005 at
Sun May 1 04:28:00 UTC 2005

 I have a soundblaster live 24bit HD soundcard and fedora core 3 will 
not detect it. i found a site that had a driver supposed to work for it 
but it is based on and older kernal and i cant figure out how to install 
it lol. any user friendler patches etc avalible to get a soundblaster 
live! 24bit hd card to work?

also intel 537 modems seem to be "win modems" intell had releasd drivers 
on there website but i did what it said and got an error at the end and 
it woudnt work. :-(  but i think the kstars program was worth the 
install plus reading up on the fedora core 3 source codes :-p just would 
be nice to get sound working though

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