FC3, MySQL and PHP

Arthur Pemberton dalive at flashmail.com
Mon May 2 05:36:27 UTC 2005

Trevor "TeC" Christian wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've run into a problem with my web development server.
> Up to this afternoon it was working.  Working meaning that my 
> php/mysql pages worked.  The mysql server was then made to run as user 
> mysql, which is an error it kept showing in the logs. SELinux is 
> installed and enabled, and i believe i've gone through the steps of 
> getting them to all work together quite nicely.
> However, i currently get the message unable to connect to server when 
> attempting to use any of my database backed pages.  I see no SELinux 
> errors in the logs, i see no mysql error logs.  I am able to use the 
> local mysql client, and i'm also able to connect to the server from a 
> remote machine.
> Can someone please help me, as i'm currently a lil frutrated and at a 
> loss as to where to go from here.
> Thanx
Check that PHP is attemptign to communicate with MySQL via TCP/IP on 
port 3306, and not via pipe to mysql.sock

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