eth0 won't stay up

hanfamily at hanfamily at
Wed May 4 23:33:13 UTC 2005

> snip
> With a hub replace full with half. I.E.
> > > In the meantime, try "ethtool eth0 speed 100 duplex full" and see if
> > > that stops it.
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> > > - Rick Stevens, Senior Systems Engineer     rstevens at -
> > > - VitalStream, Inc.              -
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> On a xterm as root;
> [root at localhost root]# ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex half
> (Mr Stevens forgot the -s)
I tried this it still doesn't work right when I ping I lose over
half of the packets and it blinks constantly. The nic is part of the
motherboard along with a wireless conection of some sort. 
It does the same thing on the windows side compaq says it is suppose to 
blink on and off constantly! Should I try using a real nic card.
If so any suggestions on what to use?

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