Missing buttons in KMail (solved!)

John Aldrich john at chattanooga.net
Wed May 11 13:07:59 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 11 May 2005 07:01 am, John Aldrich wrote:
> Hello, all... I asked this earlier in the week on the KDE-PIM list, but met
> with deafening silence (well, I think there was one reply that basically
> said he'd had it happen too... no response on how to FIX it!)
> Problem -- all of a sudden one day, my icons in the menu bar were gone. So
> were the text labels for them. It's not that the menu bar is missing, as I
> can "hide" the menu bar and there is a small change in the display. If I
> un-hide it, there's another small change, but I still don't get any icons
> across the top. Now, if I use one of the text menu options, I see buttons
> in the sub-menus, just not in the actual menu-bar itself.
> The ONLY thing that has changed (hardware-wise... been a LOT of software
> updates) recently was that I switched to an LCD flat-panel from a 15" CRT
> monitor and shortly before that, I'd switched from a 20" CRT to the 15" CRT
> because of problems with my wife's PC (We're on a KVM switch.)
> Any ideas? This is Fedora Core 3 KMail 1.7.1 with KDE 3.3.1-2.12. If you've
> had this problem and fixed it, please tell me what you did to fix it. I'm
> really not looking forward to reinstalling the whole O/S.
> Thanks.
Found the problem. Somehow, it appears I "minimized" the toolbar. There was a 
little toggle button I had overlooked previously on this issue that had 
apparently been hit somehow (probably one of those things I did while trying 
to do something else via VNC (primary method of accessing my linux box!)

Thanks to everyone!

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