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Mostafa Z. Afgani mostafa.afgani at world.iu-bremen.de
Thu May 12 15:06:11 UTC 2005

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Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:
> David Hoffman wrote:
>> How about instead of us all complaining to each other about something
>> that is out of our hands, we send complaints to the ISP who is hosting
>> his account: uol.com.br
>> Of course since their page is written in Portuguese, it makes it a
>> little more difficult to figure out who to send complaints to.
> Well , the fact it is in portuguese isnt an issue.. I am from brazil and
> didnt find *any* link or any page saying anything like "post complains
> to x at uol.com.br".
> I had to resort to the old standard abuse at domain and also to
> "suporte at domain" (since most brazilian isps tend to use that as their
> support address).
> Luckly , one of those did work ( I got an RT-like automated response
> about my message) , so if anyone wants to complain , just send an e-mail
> to those
> two addresses and it should do the trick.
> -- 
> Pedro Macedo

I got my first dose of Whalley today while replying to one of the
messages. I came across this on the ISP's webpage. Maybe writing to one
of these addreses will help?


- -M
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