recursive directory

jludwig wralphie at
Sat May 14 14:26:22 UTC 2005

On Friday 13 May 2005 02:16 pm, Lokrin wrote:
> I have a directory that contains one directory and one file. The problem
> is that somehow it is recursive.  I go into it and it contains it's own
> directory.  Go into that and you get the same thing.  The TREE commands
> keeps going.  RM -RF keeps going.  Under Konqueror, trying to delete the
> directory give a status bar and it reaches up to around 15,000 folders
> at less then 1% done before it freezes.
> The directoy is not linked in any fashion.  How can I get rid of it?

"By the by," there is a linit to the number of sub-directories that bash will 
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