questions on ssh

Ankush Grover ankush174 at
Mon May 16 05:06:28 UTC 2005

Hey friends ,

 I have few questions on ssh

a) I want to use only SSH version 2 on my servers means any client
trying to access the servers should use only SSH version 2.

b) I am using putty on windows for the first time when I connect the
putty to the Linux Server it asks for acceptance of  the key.I know
this key is common and dummy as this key is with every fedora core 3
cd.How can I generate my  own key so that I know that  I am connecting
to the correct server.\

c) How to do X11 forwarding in putty( on windows) to my remote Linux servers.

d) I want to put the public keys of users generated on the Linux
clients on the servers so that the users don't have to use the
passwords for authencation with the servers. I want to use only ssh
version 2 not ssh version 1.

Please guide me.

Any reference to tutorials or any step-by-step will be very usefu.

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover

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